Tuned Mass Control

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Tuned Mass Dampers for long-span and slender structures

Structures such as bridges, skyscrapers, staircases, stacks, and antennae can all be excited to high levels of vibration from wind, earthquakes, nearby machines, or traffic.Low natural frequencies and low natural damping are typical for such structures. The use of GERB tuned mass dampers can significantly reduce these vibrations.

GERB tuned-mass dampers limit the displacements of structures by absorbing and dissipating vibrational energy. In general, they are passive systems and consist of vibration masses, springs or pendulums and Viscodampers. Each device is custom designed for its respective application.

To reduce vertical vibrations of large structures, GERB generally uses vertical mass dampers with threaded coil or tension springs. Leaf springs and pendulum suspensions are used for controlling horizontal and torsional vibrations. The performance of GERB tuned-mass dampers can be demonstrated for new construction as well as for retrofitting existing structures.

GERB tuned mass dampers offer effective vibration protection and provide the following advantages:

·         Simple, robust, and reliable technology

·         Wear and maintenance-free structure

·         No external energy supply required

·         Adjustment of mass damper properties possible after assembly

·         Space saving structure; low total costs

In addition to tuned damper systems, GERB also provides engineering, assembly, and inspections to solve your vibration problem.

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