Building Isolation

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Restore tranquility to your space with GERB.

Modern cities often require residential buildings, offices, schools, and concert halls to be located in the immediate proximity of railway tracks or major traffic routes. Additionally, fitness centers, studios, and clubs are sometimes established within these residential or office buildings. The resulting vibration and structure-borne noise can cause significant disruptions and a reduced quality of life in these areas.

GERB offers the following solutions:

·         entire building isolation

·         isolation of parts of buildings

·         floating floors

·         room-in-room constructions

There may also be disturbing Impacts for example at IT Server centres, artworks, Swimming pools and helipads.

We work with building architects, structural engineers, acousticians, and contractors worldwide to provide solutions to reduce vibrations and structure-borne noise effectively and sustainably. From concept to design to fabrication, our products comply with international norms and achieve utmost quality.

GERB provides elastic support systems, engineering, assembly, and inspections to solve your vibration problem. 

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